We are still in the infancy of podcasting.

I was listening to Jack Dorsey talk about how Odeo failed because there was too much competition at the time, namely from Itunes.

Tim Ferriss also mentioned when he started out he thought it was too late to get into podcasting. The Tim Ferris Show has since become one of the most popular podcasts.

But we’re still yet to see anywhere near the full potential of podcasts.


Podcasts will become so niche that whatever obscure interest you will be able to find a few podcasts dedicated to that topic.

Let’s imagine you’re interested in growing vegetables, specifically cucumbers, specifically heirloom cucumbers. You will have your choice of podcast on the matter - that’s how niche podcasts will become.


These niche podcasts will not remain audio for very long.

We’ll begin to see more and more video podcasts designed to be watched on mobile in 9:16.

There will be many popular series made up of short episodes released once a day or once a week.

Netflix, YouTube, Disney and other large media companies will produce original series in this format.

As the landscape becomes more and more fragmented, these large companies will start acquiring popular one-person shows to stay relevant.

Advertising dollars will follow eyeballs.

Joe ✌️ @joepour