Why We Sleep

I just finished reading Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker.

I picked up this book at Heathrow Airport and proceeded to start reading it as I boarded the QF2, a 23 hour flight from London to Sydney.

This book outlines why sleep is so important to us as human beings and what a deteriorative affect a lack of sleep has on the human brain.

Now, I don’t sleep very well (if at all) on flights but this time was worse. I was now hyper-aware of all the terrible things I was doing to my body as I travelled through timezones in a sleep deprived state!

I’ve heard it said to the point of cliche, but this book does change your life.

Historically I have been a night owl and an early-riser, which doesn’t take a genius to figure out that equates to very little sleep.

Since reading Why We Sleep, I have started ensuring that I get at least 7 hours a night and 8 if I can help it.

I really can’t recommend reading this book enough!

Joe ✌️ @joepour